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  • About Trippering

TRIPPERING: The World at Your Fingertips. Anytime, Anywhere, Online 

It is the mission of our Group to create and deliver First Quality Services and Value-Added Solutions to our Corporate and Leisure Customers, to empower them to take informed Travel Decisions.

Dynamic changes in our business environment are opening up new opportunities and mainly challenges throughout the world. During this time of change, we draw great strength from our company’s reputation and history for Integrity and for High Standards of business conduct among our Suppliers, Wholesalers, Airlines, Corporate Customers and Partners / IT Developers – which is our priceless asset. As we always improve our capabilities and enter into new alliances, our reputation for Innovation and Professionalism, helps us work with the best people and best resources that are crucial for our success. 

  • Our vision is to serve our Customers with Passion, Care, Drive and Desire for excellence. Hence, our competent and dedicated team at the Back office and behind the scenes, working around the clock and worldwide;
  • We are committed to offer our Customers impeccable services, flexibility and efficient customer experience.

  • Our mission is to:
  • Keep up with the latest developments in the travel market worldwide, be at the forefront of technology, hence TRIPPERING.
  • Meet global market offerings,
  • Adapt our business to the continuously changing marketplace in order to reflect a culture of continual improvement – in which creativity is nurtured and core values are respected.

TRIPPERING is powered by Global Technology Companies and GDS which continuously conduct Research and Development to unfold new functionalities and features that offer innovative services in farfetched markets worldwide.

TRIPPERING is a complete Online Solution founded on 5 Fundamental Principles:

  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Efficient, Innovative and Affordable Technology Application / Solutions: Online 24/7.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE engine that optimizes Resources & Return on Investment; Cuts Costs & Provides Savings.
  • High Quality Services & High Customer Satisfaction: Front, Back Office round the clock = Offline 24/7.

TRIPPERING Portal includes currently Four (4) different engines: Airline tickets, Hotel Bookings, Transfers, Car Hire.

Additional Services

  • Other Travel Services/Engines to follow: Entertainment Tickets, Cruises, Packages.
  • Other OFFLINE Services include: VISA, INSURANCE, Other.

Reporting & Dashboards

  • Up to 3 Reports, customizable by criteria
  • Up to 3 Real-time Dashboard.
  • High Quality Services & High Customer Satisfaction: Front, Back Office round the clock = Offline 24/7.

Our Partners / Service Providers are:

  • Hotels: Leading international hotel chains; Independent Hotels, Self-Catering Hotels & Apartments
  • Wholesalers.
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Travel Consortiums; Travel Technology Companies.
  • Incoming Operators.
  • Sports & Events Specialists.

1- Seating
2- Inserting Frequent Flyer Number
3- Special requirements such as but not limited to
    a- Wheelchair mentioning the exact medical reasons to determine the Type of Wheelchair service
    b- meal preference
    c- baby cot
    d- other.